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Tuesday, September 27 2011

In our first article we discussed the differences between buying and selling a home; in our second article we offered hints and tips for your home and some room specific ideas.  Today we have a few final ideas; we are here to help you sell your home quickly and for the best price possible.  

Limit expenses

Fixing up your home for selling need not be an expensive proposition. Focus on the major issues, such as fixing broken windows or a leaky roof. Fixing a leaking roof is less expensive than having a buyer negotiate a new roof.

When inspecting a home, prospective buyers will often "kick the tires." They'll play with anything that has a handle or switch, turning on and off the faucets, flicking the lights, opening and closing doors, cabinets and drawers. Replace or polish handles, door knobs, light switches and faucet fixtures. Apply grease to squeaky doors. These are some inexpensive ways to create a good first impression.

Eliminate odors

Smoking and pets are a source of unwanted odors. If you're a smoker, you may want to move your smoking outside while showing your home. An air neutralizer such as an ozone spray can help eliminate smoking odors while not leaving behind the scent of a masking odor. If you are a pet owner, you may have become desensitized to the odors your pets leave behind, but others are not so immune. Cat owners should change the kitty litter daily and hide the litter box when showing the house. Shampoo the carpets. Use a carpet freshener periodically. Invite a third-party such as a friend or neighbor to assess your efforts.

Air out the house just before a visit from a potential buyer. Fill the home with inviting smells, such as scented potpourri and fresh flowers. Baking cookies, cinnamon rolls or home-made bread adds a warm and inviting atmosphere to your home. Starting a fire in the fireplace is also a nice touch.

A few inexpensive products to help you prepare your home for sale:

·         Mr. Clean Magic Eraser does wonders on back marks on walls, floors

·         Watco Rejuvenating Oil (available at paint or hardware stores) helps restore worn or scratched woodwork

·         Holloway House Quick Shine Floor Finish (available at Walgreens) to polish hardwood floors 

Remember we are here to help! 

Helping you sell your home is our goal

Getting you through the process is our expertise!

Reechia & Keith Powell

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Friday, September 23 2011

In our last article we discussed that most people have to sell a home to purchase their next home, and the process can be similar, there are many differences as well. 

Inside your home there are many things you can do to put your homes best foot forward, here are a few suggestions:

Removing clutter

After years of living in your house, clutter collects everywhere. Removing it is a challenge since you are attached to some of these objects. You may not even be aware how much you've accumulated. Bring in another set of eyes such as a friend or neighbor, and of course your agent, to help point out areas that appear cluttered. Remove as many personal items as possible - you want the buyer to visualize themselves as the homeowner and your personal effects could inhibit this process.

·        Remove all items from window sills.

·        All plants should be thriving and in decorative containers.

·        Replace any burnt out light bulbs

·        Dust all ceiling fans, light fixtures

·        Clean all windows, interior and exterior, replace any cracked or broken panes

·        Touch-up paint on trim, moldings and baseboards

·        Be sure home is comfortable temperature, not too hot or cold

·        Pick up toys and pet items (feeding dishes)

·        Remove all personal pictures.

o       Where photos were on walls replace with artwork, decorative plates, or simply place wrapping paper in the frames. 

o       If frames were on shelves fill that space with bottle gift bags with flowers, candles, books, greenery, baskets or vases.

Sell, donate or throw away items you no longer want or need. Rent a storage space to keep kick-knacks, photos, extra furniture, and other personal items. Essential items can be placed in a box and stored in a closet.

Create an open environment, free from clutter. Remove any extra furniture or objects blocking access to closets or cabinets. Keep walkways clear. Create as much space as possible. Allow the buyer's imagination to flow freely.


·        Stick to one color scheme – white looks the most crisp

·        Remove fuzzy toilet seat covers and toilet rugs

·        Leave toilet seats down, replace any worn or cracked seats

·        Hang towels on any empty towel bars or rings

·        Remove plungers and toilet brushes

·        Clean or replace any grout that is cracked, peeling, missing or mildewed

·        Clean shower doors and walls

·        Clean around light switches and door handles

·        Be sure all doors open completely, smoothly and quietly (cabinets too)


·        Leave nothing in, on or around sink

·        Don’t cook any overly fragrant dishes (garlic, fish, cabbage)

o       Bake fresh cookies or bread just before showings

·        Arrange fresh flowers on nook table or in dining room

·        Be sure stove/oven are clean and sparkling

·        Organize pantry, cabinets


·        Organize shelves

·        Hanging items should be arranged by item, length, and color

·        Line shoes up on floor or shelves neatly and in pairs

·        Closets should appear spacious, uncluttered

Create a checklist of items to be done just before showings – create a space to “stash” things (a small drawer in each room).  Keep checklist handy and be sure you check each item off.  


Helping you sell your home is our goal

Getting you through the process is our expertise!

Reechia & Keith Powell

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Wednesday, September 21 2011

We talk a lot about the steps for buying a home and helping our clients and friends buying a home, but we all know that many of us have to SELL a home so we can buy the next one.  So over the next several posts we are going to discuss the steps, hints and tips for selling your home.

Detach yourself emotionally

Buying real estate is an emotional decision, but the opposite needs to be true for selling real estate. Emotions can get in the way of selling your property. The more attached you are, the harder it will be to convince a potential buyer to see themselves as the new homeowner. Try to get used to the idea that the home will no longer be yours. Think of it as a product to be sold. Visit every room and say "good-bye." Visualize yourself handing over the keys.

First impression


Curb appeal can create a good first impression. Cut the lawn weekly while showing your home. Keep the lawn edged, fertilized and watered. Trim the bushes, prune trees and shrubs, remove weeds from the garden. Consider planting seasonally appropriate plants to add color – or add pots to the front walk or entry way to add color. Plant shrubs to fill space where needed. Keep the yard tidy. Rake the leaves in the fall. Keep the walkways clear of snow in the winter. Store lawn equipment, toys, or any other large objects that may obstruct walkways.

Pressure-wash the siding or add a fresh coat of paint. Use neutral colors such as white or off-white. Repaint or replace the shutters or gutters as needed. A contrasting color is a nice touch. Add a new doormat. Repaint or replace the front door. Make sure the front door opens and closes securely and locks easily. Make sure the house number can easily be read (replace faded numbers and remove obstructions).


Paint walls in a neutral color to appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Replace burned out light bulbs.

Replace carpeting or flooring that is worn out or dated.

Have carpet professionally cleaned.

Create an impression of order around the house (shirts in the closet facing the same way, coffee mugs in the kitchen with handles pointed in the same direction).

Dishes should be put away or stacked in an orderly fashion.

Towels should be freshly clean. Bath sheets hung in full bathrooms and three hand towels hung in half-baths.

Keep the home bright. Open all blinds, drapes and curtains to let in maximum light. Turn on as many lights as possible, including appliance lights and closet lights.


We are happy to visit your home and offer suggestions as you prepare your home, give us a call and let’s set a time to meet.  

Helping you sell your home is our goal

Getting you through the process is our expertise!

Reechia & Keith Powell

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Wednesday, September 14 2011

Plano Balloon Festival

Oak Point Park

2801 E. Spring Creek Parkway

Plano, TX  75074

 Friday, September 16th

Saturday, September 17th

Sunday, September 18th

Visit us at the RE/MAX booth, we have hand-outs and you will have the opportunity to have your photo taken in the RE/MAX Balloon Basket! 


Helping your find your home is our goal,

Getting you through the process is our expertise! 


Keith       214-649-4823

Reechia   972-979-9978


Plano Real Estate

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Thursday, September 08 2011

Re/Max Town & Country proudly present the Open House and Block Party on Saturday, September 10th starting at 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.

There will be 30 tents/booths with something for everyone!  

·        Re/Max Hot Air Balloon

·        Radio Broadcast Mix102.9

·        Food & Beverages

·        Bounce House

·        Military Displays

·        Fire Department Displays

·        Police Department Displays

·        Dunking Booth

·        Art Contest

·        Face Painting

·        Local Business Giveaways

·        Silent Auction

Benefiting Texas Sentinels Foundation

Food Vendors: Ms. Piggy’s; Sassy Hot Dogs; Kona Ice


Location: Re/Max Town & Country

              301 S. Watters Road; Allen, 75013


Reechia & Keith look forward to see you at this wonderful event, be sure to stop by and say HI!  
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Tuesday, September 06 2011

Stunning one level home with popular split bedroom floor plan. Large yard, 2 car garage, this one has it all and is move-in ready! 


Details here!


Contact us today, we can help you sell your home too!  


Helping your find your home is our goal,

Getting you through the process is our expertise! 


Keith       214-649-4823

Reechia   972-979-9978

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Thursday, September 01 2011

As we all know it has been a long, hot, dry summer and water restrictions are in place in many cities.  

In the spirit of everyone doing their part here are a few conservation ideas for indoors and out:

Landscaping Tips:

·        Amend your soil with compost and use mulch after planting.

·        Incorporate native and adapted drought tolerant plants into your landscape

·        Water according to your drought restriction guidelines, using the soak and cycle method, soaker hoses or drip irrigation

·        Save water and money when you install a rain/freeze sensor on your irrigation system or a rain barrel.

·        Take a water saving class or request a group presentation.


Inside Your Home Conservation Tips:

·        Use the right equipment

o       When you update/replace fixtures be sure to get new low-flow or high efficiency products/fixtures. 

·        Find and Fix Leaks

o       The average home loses up to 30% of water thru leaks.

·        Change your behavior

o       There are many little ways we can adjust our usage that will add up to a big savings. 

§         Turn off running water while brushing teeth

§         Only run dishwasher and clothes washer when full

§         Cut your shower time in half! 

o       Water IQ (for fun and learning)

o       Water Use it Wisely

o       Texas Water Foundation

Remember we can all help with just a few small changes. 

Reechia & Keith Powell

Plano Real Estate

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