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 Real Estate Blog 
Friday, November 21 2014

I found these fun and intesting facts about internet usage and thought I would share them.  

  • In 1994 there were 25 million people using the internet.  In 2004 there were 910 million people using the internet.  Today there are 2.9 billion people online. 
  • Every minute we spend $272,000 on online shopping. 
  • Every minute 48,000 apps are downloaded from iTunes. 
  • Every minute 204 million emails are sent. 
  • Every minute 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube. 
  • 62% of people grab their phones immediately after waking up. 
  • The typical person checks his smartphone 150 times a day. 
  • A 50 employee company should expect to spend about $57,600 a year on cybersecurity. 

Black Friday

And in the "holiday spirit" this interesting tidbit: Two California women began camping out at a local Best Buy 22 days before Black Friday.  

Here is to turkey roasting, family toasting, count-each-blessing,

pass the dressing, jokes and laughter, friends and family, and wish-bone wishes!

Happy Thanksgiving,

Reechia & Keith Powell

Powell Realty Group

Plano Real Estate


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Tuesday, November 18 2014

When we sat down to write this article today we considered writing about ways you can reduce your energy costs - now that the weather is getting colder that is a logical topic.  But let's be honest that topic has been done nearly every year at this time of year - as a matter of fact we have written those type of articles ourselves!  Not once but twice.  

And we all know that there aren't really any new ideas about cutting energy costs, but if you have a new to you home and this is your first winter in it you may want to consider these options: 

  • Install a programmable thermostat
    • Heating and cooling your home accounts for about half of your utility bill.  
  • Check for and seal air leaks
    • Especially around doors, windows, ceiling fixtures, attics, and electrical boxes
  • Improve your insulation
  • Install efficient windows
  • Conserve water
    • Shorten shower times; wash laundry in cold water (and full loads); lower the template on your water heater
  • Turn off electronic devices - unplug them when not in use
    • 75% of the electricity used in an average home is for electronics that are not being used but are plugged in
  • Exchange your incandescent light bulbs for CFL's or LED's 
  • Consider a Home Energy Audit - you can have one done or do it yourself

We all know that conserving energy is important for our budget but have you considered what a difference an energy efficient home makes to a potential buyer?    

We thought this was very eye-opening!   

Helping your find or sell your home is our goal,

Getting you through the process is our expertise!

Keith       214-649-4823

Reechia   972-979-9978

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Tuesday, November 11 2014

Buying a house is a highly individual decision—and a local one—but current trends are creating a favorable situation for many would-be homeowners.

Interest rates are low, employment is rising, home prices—in most markets—are still well below their peaks, and rents are through the roof.

(Remember, a local REALTOR® always is your best resource in helping you assess market conditions.)

Five Compelling Reasons to Buy a House Right Now

Interest Rates Are Still Low

Mortgage interest rates are still low—for now.

A 30-year-fixed-rate loan now averages 4.16%, according to Freddie Mac, but many economists believe we will see 5% rates next year. As interest rates increase, so do your monthly payments.

A $300,000 house at 4.16% with 20% down would have a monthly payment of $1,168. With a 5% interest rate, that payment increases to $1,288.

There’s More Inventory

As more houses enter the for sale market, prices stabilize.  In many markets inventories are currently at their highest level for the entire year.  Buyers have more choices now, especially if they are considering existing homes.  

Home Prices Are Going Up

Home prices are rising.

The median price of an existing home was $223,300 in June, or 4.3% higher than June 2013. That’s the 28th consecutive month of year-over-year price gains, and economists expect that trend to continue. However, we are still at least 20% off the peak prices of 2006.

Rents Are Sky-High

Nationally the reports indicate that many people are spending 42% of their monthly income to pay rent and rents are rising at a 4% annual clip!  It’s not unusual to see adults rooming together just to make ends meet.

Buying a home would lock in your monthly payment and stabilize your finances with a fixed-rate mortgage. (If you’re renting and never thought you could afford to buy a house, contact us and let's talk to see what’s possible.)

Employment on the Rise

Perhaps nothing is as important to the financial stability you need to buy a home as steady employment. The U.S. economy is finally adding jobs—about 200,000 new jobs per month.

The next generation of home buyers—the millennials—has been particularly affected by the nation’s job slump. Saddled with student loans and tight lending restrictions, many in this generation have been living with their parents to save money until the economy picks up.

If your employment prospects look good these days and the other four factors check out, then it may indeed be the right time for you to buy a home of your own.

Helping your find your home is our goal,

Getting you through the process is our expertise!

Keith       214-649-4823

Reechia   972-979-9978

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