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 Real Estate Blog 
Wednesday, December 31 2014

We know that from the time your offer on your new Plano area home is accepted until the day you have the keys in your hands and you are moving in can seem like an eternity!  But here you are… have the keys, and all of your boxes are in the new home with you – and you are probably thinking “let’s celebrate and treat ourselves!”  The list of things you want to do may be unruly – and long – where to start?  What to do first?  What will most make it feel like home?  

Well here are 5 things that can give you a plan of action and help tackle that list:

  1. Practical problems
    • This is a good place to start; prioritize easy repairs and upgrades that affect your day-to-day living.  Think leaky faucets; doors/locks that stick; dirty or worn fixtures; poor paint choices; holes that need patching; carpets that need cleaning or replacing. 
  2. Head-to-toe details
    • Detailing isn’t just for your car.  Your home deserves a deep cleaning too.  This easiest to do when it is completely empty – and if you hire someone to do it for you it costs less when it is empty.  Clean every nook and cranny.  It will smell good and feel like more like your home! 
  3. Consider the view
    • Think window coverings!  They will improve the ambiance, comfort and privacy almost immediately!  Plus installing good window coverings can help with your energy bills – saving you money!  Also, when you put new window coverings up they are your choice and style – yet another way of making it YOUR home! 
  4. Bright ideas
    • Proper lighting will affect your comfort.  Arrange your furniture and pay close attention for a few weeks to see where you need light; do you sit here or there to read or watch TV?  Does this room need more or less light?  Now you can decide on lamps or over-head lights and what size of bulbs! 
  5. Appliances
    • Major appliances impact your daily life, your home appearance and your utility bills – so this is another good place to start in making it your home.  Not only will it feel like home and make your daily life easier it will also save you money in the long run. 

Helping you buy your home is our goal,

Getting you through the process is our expertise!

Keith       214-649-4823

Reechia   972-979-9978

Homes for Sale in Allen, TX

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Thursday, December 11 2014

We found some fun facts about homeownership ~ we hope you find them as interesting as we do: 

33% of the purchases of new and existing homes during 2014 have been made by first time buyers, the lowest percentage recorded in 27 years. 

The average age of first time homebuyers is 31. 

The Washington, D.C., region ranks as the most expensive place to live.  Washingtonians spend, on average, nearly $28,500 on housing and related expenses annually, almost twice the national average of $16,887. 

Millennials will be the largest cohort of home buyers in the coming years, with a current homeownership rate of 35.9%. 

If homeownership rates of 2006 had been constant, there would be 2.4 million more first time home buyers today. 

The younger generation is also spending 30% of their income on housing, which is less than what was seen the previous decade. 

This fact just made us giggle - and go look in our cars.......

The average driver has almost $22 in spare change in his car, according to a poll of more than 3,500 drivers. That’s more cash than most Americans carry in their wallets, with 49% of Americans saying they carry $20 or less each day. 

If you are ready to become a homeowner in Plano or Allen or any of the surrounding communities, contact us, we can help!   

Helping you buy your home is our goal,

Getting you through the process is our expertise!

Keith       214-649-4823

Reechia   972-979-9978

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Wednesday, December 10 2014

Working is a way of life, and as in all things we do there tend to be some unhealthy habits we should avoid or break.  Many of these habits can take a toll on our healthy and our productivity, review these tips and see what changes you can make to stay healthy at work:

  1. Sneaky Snacking.  
    • Eating candy or left-over holiday goodies will add extra fat and processed sugars to your diet, and your waistline.  Bring in your own healthy snakes, keep them near by and be sure they easily available to help fight the temptation.  
  2. Eyes Crossed.
    • Eye-strain is one of those "sneak up on you" things.  It can cause focusing issues, light sensitivity, chronic headaches, and long-term damage to your eyes. Make sure to set up your computer screen about an arm's length away.  If you still find yourself squinting, try increasing the font size.  Once an hour be sure to look away from the screens and blink rapidly to give your eyes a break. 
  3. Dehydration Dangers.      
    • Not drinking enough water can lead to gastritis, poor digestion, heartburn, headaches, depression, weight gain, premature ageing and over the long-term, arthritis.  keep a water carafe or bottled water by your desk to stay hydrated at regular intervals.  Set reminds on your phone or computer to take a drink, if that will help keep you hydrated.  
  4. Keyboard Cooties.
    • Infectious germs can survive for hours to days on the hard surfaces of every working environment.  Make sure to clean your keyboard, mouse and phone with disinfectant wipes, especially if you share these devices with others.  

Reechia & Keith Powell

Powell Realty Group

Plano Homes For Sale

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Monday, December 08 2014

In our last article we talked about how to prepare your Plano home for sale - the things to clean and shine before putting it on the market.   Today we want to share a 'Quick Cleaning Guide' to keep it in showing condition: 

  • Wipe Down Kitchen Counters
  • Wipe Fronts of Appliances
  • Vacuum the Floors (especially main rooms)
  • Mop/Wash the Floors (where necessary)
  • Wipe Down Bathroom Counters
  • Wipe Down Sinks 
  • Put out Fresh Towels 
  • Fluff Sofa Pillos
  • Make Beds & Arrange Pillows
  • Open All Window Treatments
  • Quick Dust
  • Burn a Candle or Bake Cookies
  • Take Out All Garbage
  • Put Out Clean Rugs
  • Pick Up Toys & Personal Items
  • Hide Dirty Laundry & Dishes
  • Take Pets With You

Helping you sell your home is our goal,

Getting you through the process is our expertise!

Keith       214-649-4823

Reechia   972-979-9978

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Thursday, December 04 2014

Congratulations!  You have decided to sell your Plano area home and now you are preparing it for the market!  We often discuss with our sellers things you can do to make your home shine ~ today we are going to share a list of those items with you:

  • Clean the walls - fill holes; wipe down the whole wall; touch up paint; fresh paint; some or all of these may be necessary
  • Clean the light fixtures - be sure all of the bulbs and switches work
  • Wash the baseboards
  • Wash windows
  • Clean all window treatments
  • Wipe switchplates
  • Clean appliances, inside and out
  • Pack up un-necessary belongings
  • Deep clean all bathrooms
  • Clean off all counters
  • Take down personal items 
  • Check everywhere for cobwebs - garage, basement, porch, deck
  • Clean carpets
  • Check caulk throughout home, fix/repair if needed

Helping you sell your home is our goal,

Getting you through the process is our expertise!

Keith       214-649-4823

Reechia   972-979-9978

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