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 Real Estate Blog 
Wednesday, January 02 2013

Now that we have celebrated the New Year most of us begin returning our home decor to "normal" and that often involves disposing of your once-live Christmas tree. 

In Plano we are offered seveal locations where we can drop off our tree for recycling.  All trees and greenery will be processed into Texas Pure products.  Texas Pure compost, top-dressing, mulch and soil blend products have been developed as high-quality yard and garden products.  You can order Texas Pure products here or watch for information in your City of Plano utility bill. 

Tree recycling locations:

Drop off dates are December 26 - January 6.

Reechia & Keith Powell
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Tuesday, February 16 2010

Latest cell phone; fastest computer; thinnest flat screen TV – when it comes to electronics and newest gadgets many of us are first in line!  And all of the newest stuff is wonderful, but what do you with the old stuff?  How do you properly dispose of it – or can you recycle it or share it with someone else who can use it?  

Reports say that us American own about 24 electronic products per household.  Trashing the “old” products is overwhelming our landfills.  There are a lot of toxic materials embedded in electronic products, and these products make up 70% of the toxic material in landfills.   When the electronics break apart they release their toxins which leach into the soil and water or become airborne. 

Electronics contain valuable elements such as precious metals and manufactured plastic.  By reusing these material we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce pollution, save energy and save resources. 

So here are a few ideas on how/where you can recycle your electronics:

1.      Check local schools, churches or charities.

a.      Can they put your unwanted electronics to use?  

                                                              i.      It could be a tax deduction too. 

2.     Give your old cell phones to a nonprofit organization that refurbishes them for people in need. 

a.  or 202-785-0081

b. or 800-441-1544

3.     Visit to find electronics manufacturers and retailers that participate in the EPA’s “Plug-In to eCycling” program.  Several retailers offer in-store “take back” services, some even offer in-store credit. 

4.     Learn about recycling options in our area by visiting or calling 800-CLEANUP.

5.     Visit for additional local information. 


Until next time,

Reechia & Keith


Plano Real Estate

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Tuesday, September 29 2009

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

10:00 am – 1:00 pm

First United Methodist Church

3160 E. Spring Creek Parkway

Good-bye bunny ears...Hello HD! With the recent transition to digital HD (high definition) television, people are faced with the challenge of what to do with television sets replaced by newer models. Electronic recycling is simple and inexpensive.

Just drop off your old electronics and televisions at any of the monthly electronic recycling events held throughout Plano. For more information visit or contact Heather Merchant at 972-769-4130.

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