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Monday, November 15 2010

Sometimes we want to change things up a little – whether you are selling or not – just a small change can make your home feel “new” and fresh.  Sometimes moving the furniture around helps, sometimes it needs to be something a little more visible and permanent.  The best change is one that doesn’t cost much and yet gives you a new feeling, so here are a few ideas for you to consider.  

Curb Appeal

Improving your home's outer appearance will improve both the value and charm of your home. Re-painting the front door and trim will give the front of the house the feel of a newer home.   Maybe your front door and entry way doesn’t need fresh paint but a good wash would do the trick.  Clean out the cobwebs, dust and leaves that can gather when you are looking.  A little minor landscaping work (trimming shrubs, cutting the lawn, replacing sod) over a long weekend can dramatically change your home's look. Add some potted flowers on the front steps or entryway. Consider investing in new doorknobs, house numbers and a mailbox as well.

Light Fixtures

If you have older lighting fixtures that date the look of your home, consider replacing them with new, more appealing hardware. While you can certainly spend a lot of money on high-end fixtures, cheaper alternatives are available in a number of styles. Brushed nickel and stainless steel fixtures are especially possible. If replacing all of the fixtures in your house isn't realistic from a financial standpoint, selectively change out fixtures in key areas such as bathrooms, bedrooms and exterior lighting.

Wash Exterior

You don't have to re-paint the exterior of your home to achieve a facelift. Washing the exterior siding will breathe new life into the house's appearance. Pressure washing sidewalks and driveways will clear away years of dirt, grime and dust. Avoid the temptation to use a pressure washer on the home itself, as it can easily peel off exterior paint.

Re-Caulk Plumbing Fixtures

Discolored, torn or crumbling caulking around plumbing fixtures can make your home look old and out of repair. By stripping out old caulking and replacing it with a fresh bead of silicon, your bathrooms and kitchen will look subtly revitalized. You can now purchase caulking in a variety of grades and colors, allowing you to match your décor.

Door Knobs


Another way to spruce up a room, the look and feel of your home is to change out the door knobs.  Again this can be a costly or inexpensive option, but you can change the hardware with just a different color (brass or brush nickel) and do a few doors at a time and see what a change it makes.  


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Monday, February 22 2010

Yes, it is cold outside and we are all scrambling to find extra blankets, but this is also a great time to think about air conditioning!   Winter is a perfect time to add air conditioning to your home – or to replace an aging system.  And you can save money by doing it in the winter.   You don’t want to find yourself desperately searching for air conditioning after the spring and summer heat have already hit.  Starting early allows you time to shop around; compare prices; products; service; and contractors.  Choosing the right air conditioner system for your home is not a decision you want to make when you are under the influence of stifling heat! 

Air conditioning systems will add to your resale value, typically at least enough to cover the cost of purchase and installation.  For warmer climates, or high-end real estate markets adding AC can mean even more value added. 

A few buying tips:

  • Comparative Size: An AC system that is too small for your home won't cool rooms properly and will result in wasted energy. A system that is too large or too powerful will shut down too quickly, prior to dehumidifying the air.
  • Keep it Quiet: Pay attention to noise ratings on all systems. Noisy units can disrupt your sleep on their lowest levels or serve as a raucous distraction on high.
  • Energy Efficiency: AC systems with higher efficiency ratings will cost you more up front, but will help save your household when it comes to future energy bills (they're more eco-friendly, to boot). Look for systems that feature programmable time settings to limit the system's use during non-peak times.

HVAC contractors tend to not be as busy in the winter; and some offer seasonal discounts. Be sure you check with Better Business Bureau before choosing a contractor. 

Helping you find your home is our goal.
Getting you through the process is our expertise.

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Monday, April 13 2009

When we are looking at homes we find that garages are an important feature to many buyers and some builders are no longer putting just a one car garage on a house, many have 3 car garages as standard! Does that mean we are driving more cars? No I think it means we have more “junk” in our garages!
So let’s talk about how we can “de-clutter” our garages and make better use of that space – like for parking our cars!

1. Give junk a heave-ho!
“Before anything else, toss stuff that’s beyond repair or hopelessly outdated,” says the president of the National Association of Professional Organizers. Be sure to have a ‘donate’ pile and a ‘throw out’ pile. Throw away broken toys, almost empty cans of paint, and rusty garden tools. Donate sports equipment your kids have outgrown or that extra lawn edger. Do you save things for parts & pieces that you might use some day – donate it or trash it!

2. Zone in!
Divide your garage into zones: one for lawn and garden, one for sports equipment, one for seasonal items. Then only store items in the right zone. This also makes it easier for all family members to find things!

3. Find the secret storage space!
Install shelves on the often-over-looked space on the wall above where the garage doors roll up. There are many “systems” out there today that can help you store stuff up and out of the way.

4. Hook it up!
Place hooks on the wall to hold everything from ladders to folding chairs to sleds.
1. TIP: Hang heavier items near the floor so they don’t hurt someone if they fall.

5. Contain it!
Keep stored items neat with clearly labeled plastic containers - to prevent needless rummaging around.

6. Create a mini parking lot! Designate “parking spots” with colored tape on the garage floor for kids’ bikes and wagons.

Protect what’s precious!
Most garages experience extreme temperature fluctuations, so store heirlooms or family keepsakes elsewhere.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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